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tracking softwareTracking

One of the biggest functional aspects of Adwalnut application is tracking affiliate campaign data. The software can reach every piece of digital data that moves around from your website to advertiser’s website. Tracking has to be accurate for calculating commission and for preparing reports. Adwalnut features robust data tracking methodology, and thus it ensures high-end accuracy.

While general software follow standard cookie-based tracking, Adwalnut stands notably different, as it is based on an innovative cookie-less system. Cookies are not reliable, as all browsers come with the option for erasing them. If cookies are removed, performance tracking will become practically impossible. Many users also reject downloading cookies on their system due to security reasons. Hence, the cookie-less performance tracking technology of Adwalnut opens a new dimension in performance tracking. Request a demo to understand how it works!

affiliate software scalabilityScalability

Adwalnut is a 100% scalable platform – it has the capability to grow with your business. It is a cloud-based solution that runs on the popular Google Application Engine. If your network grows, your affiliate data will also start expanding. Do not worry! Due to the scalability feature of Adwalnut, you can easily cope with the increasing database. This is an ideal multi-channel affiliate network management platform that understands your needs.

Software as a ServiceSaaS model

Adwalnut is based on Software as a Service model. This is user-friendly, hassle-free and it does not require any management. This Google-based authenticated application makes efforts to reduce manpower by delivering accurate multi-channel affiliate reporting data. It also upgrades frequently and automatically.It's completely hassle-free.

cloud based softwareCloud based

Adwalnut is a cloud-based platform, which is secured and user-friendly. One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based system is accessibility. You can access your affiliate business data through Adwalnut from anywhere or any device. It enables you to create instant reporting, even if you are ona business trip or a vacation. Check demo of Adwalnut here.

Performance marketing softwareLess Management More Sales

Adwalnut is a web-based cloud platform for managing and tracking multiple affiliate networks. End users do not need to perform software management or upgrade tasks, as the system is self-managed. Hence, it is lesser time consuming and more cost-efficient. Enhance your sales by adding up multiple affiliate networks with Adwalnut.

adwalnut is with fraud prevention powerFraud Prevention

Fraud click or false click is a major problem for the affiliate marketers or business owners. Adwalnut takes this issue very seriously. The system offers maximum leverages to users, but it also validates each affiliate action with accuracy. Our system offers 100% fraud prevention.

white lebel tracking softwareWhite Label Offering

Adwalnut offers personalized branding option to the users. It is white label software, which can be customized with any company’s logo or tagline. It gives a free hand for branding logos, colors, login option and domain redirects.

realtime reportingReal-time reporting

For affiliate marketing or networking, real-time reporting is the most important or crucial thing. Adwalnut is a revolution in the world of real-time affiliate reporting. It reports users automatically, especially when the situation demands. Our system has been designed to cope with the dynamic demands and frequent changes in the online advertising world.

multiple currency tracking softwareMulti-currency

Adwalnut comes with a comprehensive multi-currency support. No matter what your local currency is we have you covered. With a real-time currency conversion system backing the checkout / payment processing system, you may pay with any currency that you want to with confidence.

Reporting for marketingSpeed of Reporting Platform

In the modern business scenario, performance without speed is of no use. Adwalnut has been developed to deliver affiliate reporting or ad campaign reporting at a lightning speed, along with supreme accuracy. The robust reporting system of this application will help you to make faster decisions for your ad campaigns.

full protected performance marketing softwareUptime-guarantee

Being a robust and precisely designed platform, Adwalnut offers 99.999999% up-time. The system is based on Google Application Engine, which makes it a secure platform – protected from hacking or phishing. We also guarantee the least downtime ever!

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