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Our software will equally benefit advertisers, affiliates and affiliate networks

For Network

The professional team of Adwalnut is proudly introducing a white label solution, which enables robust and multi-channel affiliate and e-commerce campaign tracking. Manage your affiliate network through our scalable, accurate and popular affiliate management system or application. Having worked accurately and effectively for a lot of online marketers, affiliate networks and webmasters, Adwalnut clinches a popular position in Google App Engine. Our software renders effective click monitoring and accurate conversion reporting. It is white label software, and thus you can put your brand name on it to personalize it. Want to try a Demo?

For Affiliates

Everyone desires to expand their affiliate campaign, but the challenge is to track the multi-channel affiliate performance. Inappropriate click monitoring may lead to wrong conglomerate strategies and as an aftermath of that your business may face financial losses. This is why you need a robust system that can track affiliate performance and records with accuracy. It delivers affiliate reports with high-end perfection. Based on these reports, you can set new associate goals and plans to induce more profitability. AdWalnut utilizes the secured Google Platform and uses the Google Authentication Mechanism thus making it protected from hacking, phishing or unauthenticated use. Try a demo now.

For Advertiser

Adwalnut is a scalable, user-friendly, multi-tasking, Google Platform based Tracking application. Like connected marketers, advertisers can also use this system to track their advertising data with various advertising networks. Monitoring performance of your business or product or event campaign with precision – build plans of actions for future. Try this simple yet robust tool to observe the difference in performance of your ad campaigns. View a demo on Adwalnut.

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