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For Network

Adwalnut is pioneering in a fraud detection embedded Performance Marketing application, which enables robust and multi-channel affiliate and e-commerce campaign tracking. Manage your Affiliate Network through our Scalable, Accurate and an Admired Affiliate Management System.

For Affiliates

As an Affiliate Marketer, you might initiate a startup, but gradually you are gaining experience then your campaigns would increase. Our affiliate tracking solution has designed for you, therefore; you can use our effective platform at every curve of your affiliate marketing to enhance your Digital Marketing growth.

For Advertiser

Adwalnut allows Advertisers to supervise the performance of campaigns with precision and helps in boosting their Performance Marketing and returns on investment (RoI).Try this simple yet robust performance marketing tracking software to observe the divergence in performance of your ad campaigns.

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The Ultimate Solution for Performance Marketing

Performance Marketers require many tools, but so often those tools work together inappropriately. But with Adwalnut you can accelerate Your Affiliate marketing with an agile change. No doubt that Tracking SaaS platform has accelerated growth, amplified innovation, and reduced costs.


Boost up & Auto Optimize Your Campaigns with Robust Smart Link:

Create simply one Smart link in a few seconds and implement it in all your campaigns. No need to generate several offer links for different campaigns. So Save Your time, optimize your traffic & amplify your ROI. Explore it now.


Formulate Your Instant Decision with Our Powerful Real-time Reporting

Create a customized report by filtering as per your need and you can download the particular reports for the future aid. Our report is faster, enhanced & comprehensive, that suits your all business needs. Interactive dashboard facilitates you to monitor measure & analyze the performance.

Our Application Core Features

Running your campaigns with Adwalnut is a great way to expand your digital business,
boost brand awareness and rack up more conversions.


Track your every Performance Marketing campaigns impeccably with our smartest tracking features which provide you absolute tracking accuracy.

Real Time Reporting

Our robust and analytical platform has been designed to handle the performance of your campaigns in real time. The statistics that you can trust

Multiple Payouts

Adwalnut simplifies payment mode by setting different payout types like CPA,CPC,(CPS+CPL),Tiered & so on.

Robust Targeting

Expand your campaigns and target your audience with robust targeting, deliberated to get the best results out of your performance marketing.

Employee Module

Employee Module helps to enhance the security over the network enormously. It is an immaculate feature of Adwalnut.

White Label

It is an entirely white label performance marketing application. You can change your logo, theme color as per your desire.

Smart Link

Smart Link is a link encompassing various offers in it. Create a single link to all offers. It helps to show offer for each specific user.

Data Audit Log

Data Audit Log helps you to know what kind of changes have taken place over the entire network. Get deeper insight.

Deep Linking

Eliminates extra clicks and attracts more customers with our Deep Linking Features.

Pixel Tree

Discover a unique way of detecting the link is broken or not.

Fraud Detection

Take an immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with the Fraud Detection Technology.

A/B Testing

Optimize more campaigns seamlessly. Perform A/B tests to see the performance of your campaigns. It is simple smooth & reliable.


In performance, marketing Alert plays a vital role. Because the enormous amount of relevant activities in the network come with the alert system .


Adwalnut provides robust Attribution model that describes various methods performance marketers use to assign conversion credits

Affiliate Referral

Referral program rewards existing affiliates for recruiting new ones. This feature amplified your performance marketing significantly.

Voucher Code

Adwalnut helps in voucher code tracking. Voucher code based conversion will be tracked by sever postback mechanism in a robust manner.

Application Screenshots

Adwalnut provides a comprehensive Affiliate Tracking Solution that caters to all the needs of an organization.
It offers greater productivity in your digital business.

Why We are the Best & Customer Chooses Us?

Scale Up Your Performance Marketing to the Next Level

If you are a digital marketer, you will most likely already have your eye on the next stage. Increase your Digital marketing growth with us that puts you in the win-win state. Continuous innovation, technological advancement and scalability of our performance marketing application scale you to the next level.


Innovative & Reliable Technologies Make Flexible & Robust Platform

The key to success is in pursuing the market. We utilize the power of fraud detection technology to reduce the fraud and using latest technologies that also serve up vital insights to prioritize execution of every aspect of your Performance Marketing. With our meticulous implementation of  API , the platform takes off swiftly and provides an enormous technological advancement for your digital business .


Pleasant, Minimalist, Easy to Navigate UI Provides Comfortability

The user interface of the platform is pleasant & user friendly. User can comprehend each of the functional section of the platform, and will not feel incongruity. It allows the user to focus on the business that they want to get done quickly and effortlessly.


Caters Admirable Support & Services to Customers

We cater an admirable Support & Services that made us really unique. Providing an excellent kind of service always helps us to ahead one step from our competitors. We focus on not only Customer Acquisition but also on Customer Life Time Value. So get in touch and let us serve you better.

What Our Client Say?

In the eye of our customers, our market position is robust since we have focused
on condensing the customers’ workflow. Customers’ satisfaction is the essential
precedence for us. We pledged to serve them better.

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