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Where ItAll Started

The attribution marketing industry is vast. Thus, it gets difficult for the marketers to find a single product that includes all essential features. To make your products more desirable amongst the buyers, you can use our platform for all-round benefits. By adopting our platform, you will be able to receive price conversion data, identification of the most desirable channel and various other beneficial business data. These data will help you to make better as well as accurate business decisions.

What We Do and How We Can Help You?

If you are into affiliate networking business or if you are in the advertising industry, you need a trusted and scalable third party platform, where you can get day-to-day detailed reporting about your ad networks. It makes your business analysis process simplified, endows you better decision-making power and finally gives you a chance to make better revenues. The innovative team of Adwalnut has invented a single product that can cope with all sorts of online affiliate program needs. Whether you want to make money through affiliate networks or you want to sell (and promote) your product through ad networks, we feature ‘white label’ software for you to assist in your affiliate business. As it is a ‘white label’ tool, you can put your brand name or business name to it. The advertising industry is ever growing – sky is the limit for this industry. At this scenario, you need to take the advantage of this growing market either as an affiliate marketer or as a business owner. To enhance your profitability, employ our software system and find a rapid escalation in your monthly revenues. How? Allow us to show you the demo!


About Adwalnut – Know Us Deeply

Adwalnut is a dedicated SaaS (Software as a Service) product that is developed on the Google Apps Engine. Our system aims to develop proficient, target optimized and scalable reporting solutions for the users.

The system, named as Adwalnut, is backed by Manish Saraf. Having worked for more than a decade in the advertising industry, Manish holds exceptional insight on this industry. As he realized that dedicated technology can bring revolutions in the world of affiliate marketing or advertising, he started evolving the concept of AdWalnut.

AdWalnut assures deep research and simplified reporting to the affiliate marketers. It helps you to track your advertising data from various affiliate channels on a single platform. Plan your affiliate marketing with more proficiency with our system and enjoy greater profitability.

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