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Adwalnut is Using Pleasant, Easy-to-Navigate UI like Google

Google is often credited as the pioneer of minimalist web interfaces. Google has prioritized simplicity and austerity in its interfaces ever since its beta offering in the 1990s.The Gmail interface makes Gmail unique amongst webmail systems. Changes have also been introduced to unify the vast range of Google products and bring them together so that the user has a smooth experience as they navigate between products. Adwalnut is using Pleasant, Easy-to-navigate UI like Google.
Google allows the user to focus on the task or job that they want to get done quickly and easily.  Google’s UI is able to help its user subconsciously focus on the task that they are trying to accomplish flawlessly. Adwalnut is using the same pattern while creating offers, setting tracking, and so on.


The technologies used behind Adwalnut are quite complex, so we don’t want to portray this complexity in the design. ‘Effortless’ is about keeping the look simple, clean and consistent. Adwalnut’s UI based on, Beauty, Technological Purity and Innovation.

Pleasant, Easy-to-Navigate UI

A GUI’s primary purpose is to make an end user’s job easier. Adwalnut keeps it in mind and provides pleasant, easy to navigate UI. As far as Google is concerned, you are now able to navigate your way around Google’s interface by using the tab or arrow keys.
Minimalist Interface
Google are known for their minimalist interfaces that focus on function over form, yet they clearly spent time polishing off the Chrome user interface elements like buttons and icons to make them look just right as evident by the subtle gradient and pixel thin highlights. These buttons are clear, simple, and concise and demonstrate Google’s design principle of ‘focus’ quite clearly. Adwalnut follows the same as far as buttons are concerned.

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