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Wishing you and your family Happy Colorful Holi 2018

    Wishing you and your family Happy Colorful Holi 2018. On this auspicious occasion, may the fiesta of colors revitalize your Performance Marketing with significant growth and boost your ROI drastically

Adwalnut Launches Smart Link that Helps to Increase Your ROI

We are pleased to proclaim that Adwalnut Smart link is obtainable now. It makes your performance marketing easier than previous. It helps to increase your ROI at least 25% or more. Concept of Smart link The smart link is also known as “single link” in the market. The concept of the smart link is simple and candid. It contains setting up numerous offers in a single vertical or geo location and then providing your affiliate…

Adwalnut Made Substantial Changes To The UI To Boost Your Performance Marketing

We made substantial changes to the UI of our SaaS based Performance Marketing application. Though the technologies used behind Adwalnut are quite complex, we don’t want to reveal this in our design. ‘Effortless’ is about keeping the look simple, clean and consistent. Our goal is to give you a more seamless and reliable Performance marketing experience that really boost your ROI. Below features are more easy to use in our brand new UI. Smart Link S2S…

Adwalnut Wishing all of You Happy Republic Day 2018.

Adwalnut wishing all of you Happy Republic Day 2018. Make Your Performance Marketing sharper than previous with Adwalnut. Because it always helps ad-network /merchants/affiliates to improve their Performance Marketing with up-to-date technologies. To join us sign up now  Thanking You, Adwalnut Team.