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Adwalnut Security

The attribution market industry is highly competitive. Good software or application can provide you the significant competitive edge. Adwalnut has been produced to serve this motto. It is a single platform multi-channel ad campaigns. Being a Google authenticated application, it is secured and provides complete protection from hacking. Use Adwalnut for affiliate network tracking, conversion rate data and accurate reporting. On top of everything, it is white label software that you can use for business branding.

We are a dedicated, hardworking and professional SaaS based company that believes in satisfying clients at the utmost level. Adwalnut ensureshigh-end productivity, efficiency and data security. The system is based on Google Application Engine. Google is a globally trusted platform and hence Adwalnut offers excellent security measures to users. Here are some of the highlighted security features of Adwalnut:

Data Protection

Adwalnut is completely secured from data hacking, phishing, etc. Your business data is valuable asset to you. This is why it is important to safeguard data, whenever you are using an application or software for affiliate campaign management. Being an application based on Google Apps Engine, Adwalnut offers high class and robust data security.

Google Security Scanner

Security Scanner is a new feature that has been launched by Google recently. Adwalnut comes with Google Security Scanner, which allows you to fix two common vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are mixed content and cross-site scripting.

Third Party Access

Adwalnut blocks any sorts of third party access. It does not share data with anyone. However, based on user’s agreement and consent, it can share information with third parties or allow third party access in certain cases if required.

Zero Chances of Data Loss

Google keeps multipleback-ups of user data. Being a Google-based platform, Adwalnut also gives robust data security by keeping multipleback-ups. Chance of data loss is zero – you have full control upon your data. For any questions and queries, get in touch with us!

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